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Commverge-it is an approved VoIP service provider.
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ECN Accredited Partner

Commverge-it is an accredited partner of ECN networks.

ECN has negotiated attractive wholesale termination rates with the incumbent national telephone networks and can provide customers with top quality voice services at discounted prices on the full range of fixed line call types. As soon as a customer is connected to ECN, it will immediately begin to see cost reductions in its monthly telephone bill. ECN guarantees that customers will make substantial savings on fixed-to-mobile, local, national and international calls

Carrier Grade Voice Quality

ECN guarantees 99.73% uptime for voice services with automated failover in the event of equipment failure. ECN interconnects with the incumbent operators, enabling it to provide carrier grade voice quality on both inbound and outbound calls. ECN’s voice offering eliminates the quality problems typically associated with conventional VoIP/LCR solutions such as delay, signal loss, dropped calls etc.

Business Call Lite
LiteBusinessCall LiTE provides customer with a two or four channel solution (analogue or SIP) using LTE as the last mile connectivity to the ECN network.  The channels will be connected to the customers PBX via analogue ports on the PBX or a SIP trunk


From only R 299-00 per month

Business Call SME
Nashua ECN’s BusinessCall SME solution is an offering ideally suited for small to medium enterprises to reduce their monthly telecommunication costs.
The solution makes use of innovative voice over IP (VoIP) technologies to transmit voice calls over a broadband data connection. The solution also takes advantage of un-contended IP network to ensure that all calls, between a customer’s PBX and Nashua ECN’s Next Generation Network, are of the highest quality.


From only R 999-00 per month